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The Manufacturing Business Unit aims to provide solutions focused on the manufacturing of steel structures, pipe spools and pipe supports. Our experience in design and erections allows us to manufacture steel structures in accordance with standard specifications and optimized field erection, resulting in a more cost-effective product for the end client.

The main products and services developed by our Manufacturing unit include:

Pipe Supports: Supplied with all accessories such as bolts, insulation, stainless steel pads and packaging, following the client or A1’s standards
Structural Pipe Supports: Standard or custom designed structural elements in accordance with each pipe load requirements
Carbon steel and alloys pipe spools : with completed designs or from basic engineering including flexibility calculations and emission of pipe spools diagrams, we supply according to many standards and different application materials
Steel Structures: bolted or welded
Platforms, Walkways, Ladders, Gantries and Hand hails
Accessories: carbon steel and stainless steel inserts, equipment saddles, conveyor bases and feet, spare parts such as grids and stair steps
Ducts: round, square, rectangular and special geometry sections
High Definition CNC Plasma cutting services
Industrial Painting services

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